Placing Bets In Craps

When it comes to a game of Craps, the game dealer is the one to place each player’s desired bet. The numbers players can choose to bet on are four, five, six, eight, nine and 10. This is called a place bet and it stands until the person shooting the dice changes.

A winning bet placed on the numbers four and 10 cost a player $5 and leave them with a $9 payout. Placing a bet on the numbers five and 10 cost a player $5 and leave them with a $7 payoff. Placing a bet on the numbers six and eight cost a player $6 and leaves them with a $7 payoff as well. Place bets pay off anytime the number a player chose comes up on the dice.

The house odds for a game of Craps are 1.52% edge for placing a bet on the number six or the number eight. When placing a bet on the numbers five or nine, the edge for the house works out to 4%. Placing a bet on the number four or 10, results in a house edge of 6.67%

In a Craps game there are inside and outside numbers. A “22 inside bet” is a $6 bet on the number six or the number eight and a $5 bet on the number five or the number nine. A “$20 outside bet” means a player is betting $5 on four, five, nine and 10. At any point during the game a player can decide to take their bet down by telling the dealer to turn it off.

Buy bets involve players gambling as much as they chose to because higher bets get players better deals. For example, if a player wagers a $50 bet and wins, they get $90. But when players ask for a “buy bet” they pay $5 and get the winnings at 2-1 rather than 9-5. A $20 place bet applied to the number four or 10 are better when a player makes a buy bet. In this case a player would receive $40 instead of $36.

Depending on the specific casino a player is at, they often have to pay the commission on their bet when they place it. The casinos that make players do this will give them an edge of 4.8% on each of a player’s bets. Other casinos only make players pay a commission on a bet if the player wins the bet. When players don’t have to pay unless they win the casino has a house edge of either 1.6% or 2.2%, depending on the number they bet on.

A lay bet is when a player bets that a certain number won’t come up. Players still have to pay a commission on either any bet they make or any winning bet they make.

These are the essentials that players need to know to place bets in a game of Craps. This casino staple is a classic game that attracts gamblers.